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By | July 2, 2018

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Forgot Hotmail password. What should I do? Hotmail (Outlook) I do not remember the password. How can I recover my account? I forgot my password If you have questions such as read carefully. If you have forgotten the password of your Microsoft account, please follow the steps below in order if you are unable to access your account.

Note: Your password is the same as your Hotmail or Outlook, Microsoft also password.

Follow the steps below to reset your password.


1. Go to and select ” My password is forgotten ‘‘ and press forward.

2. Enter the Microsoft account that you want to reset your password to, and enter the checkboxes below.

3. Click the ” Next ” tab.

4. Mark any of the methods you want to use to reset your password.

If you can not reset your password using any of these options please check the ” I can not use any of these options’ ” and follow these steps.


1.Use this if you have created a recovery code. Otherwise, click on NO.

2. Enter your Microsoft account.

3. Enter an email address in the working state we can reach you.

4. Click the ” Next ” tab. If you experience any problems at this stage, please contact the form at and repeat the above steps.

5. Answer the questions to confirm that you are the owner of the account.

6. Click the ” Submit ” tab

If you are having trouble with the form that you filled out to prove that you own your Microsoft Account, please continue to fill out the form using the information below and responding to your requests.

The following Tips will Help You

* Try to fill out the form / survey from the computers you usually access. This will give you a positive score for your IP information.

* You can also try to get help from the community to remember some of your information. For example: e-mail addresses, topic titles, and e-mail addresses of people you sent e-mail.

* If you do not have any folders you have created, if you have sent an e-mail or have sent your e-mails without a contact, please write this in the corresponding field on the form. This will be more useful if you leave sections blank.

If the information I have given above does not prove that your account is yours, please indicate the number of the form you have filled in and the email address we will contact you via the following Microsoft support page.

Important: You will need to update your security information using the connection provided to your Microsoft Account.

If your account has two-phase verification, you can carefully review the guidelines for two-step verification over the connection and apply it if your issue is related.

If the problem persists, please go to the Microsoft support page and create and report the problem under the appropriate heading.

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